Data Recovery


Accidental file deletion, formatted drives, virus damage, and physical drive failure are common place and we have a variety methods of getting your data back to you. Each case is unique therefore we must do an estimate on a case by case basis. Just bring your computer or hard drive into the shop and we can give you an estimate.

Notebook Repair


We do all of our notebook repairs onsite and do services that many others can’t or won’t do. These include:

Power Plug Replacement
LCD Inverter Replacement
Screen Replacement
Hard Drive and Optical Drive Replacement
Motherboard Replacement
Keyboard Replacement

    Apple Authorized


    We at Carbondale Computer Repair are Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP). We now provide comprehensive support and repair services for your Apple products as well as support for Windows based equipment. Our certified technicians complete regular training and assessment ensuring our ability to provide up to date, excellent service.

    Viruses & Malware


    To many people viruses and malware seem inevitable but that does not have to be the case. We can recover the files on your infected computer and give you the tools and information to help prevent viruses and malware from getting on your computer again. On our site we give you the tools and knowledge to keep your computer running worry free so that we my never have to see it again!

    Hardware Upgrades


    We have in stock or can order almost any parts for your desktop or notebook computer. This includes Hard Drives, RAM, Motherboards, CPU’s, Video Cards, Power Supplies, or a whole new Case for your computer.